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All Modivcare approved TPs are required to meet a rigorous credentialing process. This process mandates that all drivers must have a current driver's license, a clean driving record (including the Missouri State Highway Patrol Request for Criminal Record Check and the Family Care Safety Registry), and tested negative on a stringent drug test..


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation | Missouri Department of ….

You can also write ModivCare, formerly LogistiCare, 13690 Riverport Drive, Suite 210, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. If you have a Managed Care Health Plan, you need to call your Managed Care Health Plan to file a complaint. ... Missouri Department of Social Services is an equal opportunity employer/program..


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How to become a medicaid transportation provider in virginia.

Aug 19, 2020 ? All non-ambulance transportation is managed and scheduled through the statewide Broker, Modivcare. On September 1, 2018, Modivcare began managing the West Virginia Medicaid NEMT services with three goals: Provide Medicaid members with safe and reliable transportation services; Save costs; and ; Reduce the occurrence of fraud, waste and abuse..


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